Outlook pst file size limit

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How to Increase file size of PST to Maximum ?

Generally, there is no any announcement but default size for pst files is 50 GB. Microsoft Registry or Group Policy allows you to increase it by changing some values.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 has maximum size of a Unicode pst-file has been limited to 20GB. Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016, this limit has been set to 50GB.

There is two option available, we can increase it by registry and by Group Policy.

First we will see the steps with registry,

(A) Increase via Registry:

Open Registry -> start -> regedit -> file -> export (select Export range: All) -> This step is take backup of your registry and if anything goes wrong you can import it to set default. After export has done the below navigate path as per your Microsoft Outlook version

Outlook 2003


Outlook 2007


Outlook 2010


Outlook 2013


Outlook 2016


Here 2 DWORD values needs to create:


Please make sure to not set higher than 4090445042 (Decimal) or f3cf3cf2 (hexadecimal) – This is Warning Size of 95GB


Please make sure to not set higher than 4294967295 (Decimal) or ffffffff (hexadecimal) – This is Maximum Size of 100GB

Below is the screenshot to help you understand, how to set registry:

Picture of Registry Editor for reference

(B) Increase via Group Policies

If you would like to increase the size of PST via Group Policy then here is the steps:

Expand “User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office Outlook 2007\Miscellaneous\PST Settings”

Large PST: Absolute maximum size

Don’t set this higher than 4294967295

Large PST: Size to disable adding new content

Don’t set this higher than 4090445042

Picture of GPO Editor for reference

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Outlook pst file size limit

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