Mount NTFS on Ubuntu/Linux Operating System.

If you have a question that how to mount NTFS partition on Linux (Ubuntu) Operating System then here is the easy way to do it.

First you will need to install ntfs-3g on your Ubuntu operating system with below command :

$ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

now create one folder under /mnt path :

mkdir -p /mnt/usb

now identify your disk drive which you have attached in system with below command :

$ fdisk -l

This command will help you to identify the disk drive which is with NTFS partition system. Just note down it.
Let’s guess you have found /dev/sdf2 is your disk drive which you want to mount …
Then after mount your NTFS Drive partition with below command :

$ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdf2 /mnt/usb/

That’s it, you have mount your NTFS on /mnt/usb now you can read data under the path /mnt/usb.

Hope this would help you to resolve your issue ….

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Mount ntfs Linux

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